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Amber Garden Centre

Family run garden centre for over 35 years

Amber Garden Centre Community Involvement

Cambridge Primary School

Garden to Table Programme

Established at the beginning of 2022 as part of the school’s specialist programs. Amber Garden Centre were proud to be able to donate the plants necessary to get the garden up and running, providing students Years 0-6 with opportunities to grow, harvest and prepare food, whilst learning about watering, weeding, pest control, soil health and composting. 

The Big C Business

Established in 2010 and run by a group of Year 6 students who grow, harvest and make Calendula into ointment. Each year, Year 6 boys are encouraged to apply for positions within the business. They are interviewed and successful applicants then operate the business. This is where Robert comes in offering advice and mentoring to the groups of students as they set budgets, plan marketing and production goals. The Calendula ointment is available for purchases at Amber Garden Centre shop.


Amber Garden Centre were proud sponsors of The Hospice Waikato and Montana Food & Events Bucket List Banquet held in May 2022 raising funds for Hospice Waikato so they can continue to deliver specialist community palliative care.

​Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival

Amber Garden Centre has been a key Platinum sponsor of the Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival since its launch in 2018. In addition to this we also provide support to exhibiting garden owners with a contribution towards their plant purchases each year, and offer a discount on purchases for ticket holders during the festival. Money raised through ticket sales goes straight to the Rotary Cambridge Charitable Trust who will be donating to Lifeskills - a unique Cambridge charity in 2022.

7 Peake Road, Cambridge, 3283
P. 07 827 6259

Open: Monday to Sunday  - 9.00am to 5.00pm


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